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Carefree is a small town in Maricopa County, Arizona that consists of a single upscale neighborhood. It is the 92nd largest community in the state of Arizona. It features wonderful schools, low crime rates and a high rate of home-ownership that helps create a peaceful, stable community. The town spans a single zip code, 85377 and the town motto is “The Best Small Town in Arizona.” Periodically the communities of Carefree and Cave Creek are mistakenly thought to be a single community. The city is somewhat ethnically diverse and is wealthy when compared to state and national statistics. The city has a desert climate with hot summers and mild winters. It has a town council form of government with a seven member council. Carefree is recognized as one of the origin points for the U.S. Extreme Mountain architectural style. Private means of commuting are necessary as there is no public transportation in Carefree.

The community was first envisioned as a master-planned community in the 1950s by Tom Darlington and K.T. Palmer. Plots in the community went on sale in 1955 and construction began in approximately 1958 and great care was taken to preserve the natural beauty and native foliage of the desert. The Carefree Sundial was commission in 1959 and designed by John Yellot. Carefree was the long time home of Southwestern Studios, a film studio built in 1968. It was later called Carefree Studios. The city acquired its famous Sundial in 1976 and it was dedicated in the memory of co-founder K.T. Palmer. The community’s period of largest growth was from 1959-1984 and in 1984, the town was incorporated. In 1999 an era ended as the buildings of Carefree Studios were razed to make room for retail and residential structures.

The city spans 8.9 square miles of land area and in 2000 it had a population of 2,927 and population density of 330.8 inhabitants per square mile. Also, in 2000, the median household income was $88,702, the median family income was $105,699 and the per capita income was $62,433. By 2010, the per capita income was $62,252. In 2013, the population had risen to 3,487, the median household income was estimated at $77,912 and the per capita income was estimated at $61,411. Also, in 2013, the estimated median house or condo value in Carefree was $710,337, the mean housing price on all units was $242,284 and the median gross rent was $923. It is a predominantly white-collar community where over 86% of workers hold white-collar positions.

Public education for the community is provided by the Cave Creek Unified School District. Local landmarks include Black Mountain, Bartlett Lake and the Carefree Desert Gardens with four acres of rare desert vegetation. Local events include the Enchanted Pumpkin Garden, the Carefree Art and Wine Festival and more. Local art galleries include the Wild Holly Gallery, Easy Street Galleria and many more. Local spots for hiking include Palo Verde Trail, the Spur Cross Ranch Conservation Area and Cave Creek Regional Park. Homes for sale are predominantly upper middle class and higher in design and other housing options include town-homes, apartments and more. Call local real estate agent Calamia & Company at 623.810.9090 to begin your home search today.

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